Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Is There An Echo In Here?

while so many blogs are focussed on top 10 lists for music, and etc...how come no one is blogging about this?

"Crucial flaws in the national vote count, most importantly in Ohio, New Mexico and Florida, indicate John Kerry was most likely the actual winner on November 2, as reported in national exit polls. At very least, the widespread tampering with how the election was conducted, and how Ohio's votes were counted and re-counted, has compromised this nation's historic commitment to free and fair elections."

Ten preliminary reasons why the Bush vote does not compute, and why Congress must investigate rather than certify the Electoral College

house dems to challenge electoral vote...

End Challenge to Bush's Win, Bush/Cheney Lawyers Urge Ohio High Court

Top ten lists are pure propaganda, pure distraction, a marketing technique that bridges perfectly the commodity and the mark(et). Torture memos from Gonzales, Ohio voting, the up coming disaster that will be the Jan 30th elections in Iraq don't seem to be on the agenda as much as they should be. Of course, I'm to blame just as much as anyone else. I scour the lists to see who I've heard, who I haven't, what's hot and what's not. I get lost in the simulcra of it all, and feel frightened when I get to involved in the real.
mike don't get me wrong, i think there is some value with top 10 lists, especially if there's some good music that we may have over looked or never heard, but i'm disappointed in seeing so many heavy issues being missed...the emergence of blogs shouldn't just be to alleviate the constraints of journalism, but mass media information as well...thanks so much for commenting...
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