Tuesday, December 07, 2004

NYE Options...

In my search to accomodate us for NYE here are the best two options I've found assuming:

- There is a desire to celebrate in SF
- We have a large group to accomodate
- No one is willing to spend $100 - 150 at the door that night
- Being together is more important than being Very Important Puppies

Since there are several groups I'm trying to coordinate, a mass mail would have been very messy, confusing, and counter-productive. So in order to make sure your voice is heard but you don't have 100 messages in your inbox you can use my blog to post your thoughts at the end of this entry. Here's how:

Please evaluate and post your vote/comment or both by:

going to the bottom of this post
clicking on comment,
allowing the page to refresh,
scrolling down,
clicking post comment,
clicking "Or Post Anonymously"
and posting your preference/concerns/astrological sign.

Option 1 -

Mission Rock/Sno Drift


Pre Sale Prices are $50 per person (VIP is $100)
Early open bar from 8pm - 10pm
Fee also allows entrance into Sno Drift (2 blocks away)
Bart to Muni accessible
Parking readily available if you drive
Solid Mainstream KMEL dj's
Large venue
Several Music Room/Areas emphasis on Hip Hop
Indoor/Outdoor areas
Several Bars
We can order Pre Sale tix online
Open till 5am


Should be a predominantly 25 and under crowd
Less diversity of music
If we use public transport we have to transfer from Bart to Muni
Sno Drift is 2 industrial blocks away (not as close as billed but not necessarily a hike either)
It's in SF but in the industrial area
If you get there late the line is ridiculously long
Strict Dress Code

more info

Option 2

Remedy @ the DNA lounge


Pre Sale tix are $25
Remedy has an excellent reputation for good parties
Diverse crowd
Diverse music (emphasis on house and soul, but there is a hip hop room)
Can get there via Bart and a short walk
If we meet up early there's plenty of bars nearby
Lax dress code
Located in a very busy and bustling area = people, city life, etc
Shorter lines
Can order tix online
Open till 6am

Venue isn't small but isn't as big as Mission Rock (expect it to be crowded, still should have room to dance)
Less emphasis on hip hop
Parking is much harder

more info

Preference: Suite 181...but since that is no longer an option and I'm not willing to pay over $100, my vote is for Mission Rock.

Concerns: I hope everyone still comes out. It'll be fun.

Astrological sign: Aquarius

=) Sim
It's a tough decision....but I'm leaning more towards Mission Rock. That's where us girls went for Pam's birthday so the spot is nice because it's by the water. Remedy would be nice for the diversity and price. Hmmmm...I'm typing out loud.....I'm going to vote for Mission Rock....I think the open bar is swaying me....but watch me not have any drinks that night!

I vote for Mission Rock...
I think its unanimous...DNA Lounge
That raggedy ass Sno Drift looks like a glacier left it behind. As for Mission Rock, well, the mission the owners have is how to turn it into a spot worth going to. The crowd is bootsy dude. Although, I know my vote seldom counts for shit...The Flashy Fenome says geah to the Genome.

It's not yet decided damn Grincho! I want to see what remedy is all about but I'm just not too sure about the house music. Though it is $25 cheaper. Whatever we decide, I'm down. Mission Rock is going to have a lot of young people....but I'll still mix in! There better be no ass grabbing!

since i'm covering flash for the night, his vote doesn't count...but it's duly noted...biatch!
pam votes for mission rock
milky + phabi have changed plans, won't be joining us...
raj and deepa have changed plans as well, family thing, count them out...
Flash has had a change of plans...
I will be going to the open bar...
Therefore my New Year will be somewhere between 8pm and 10pm. I hope they serve something other than wine.
See you there.
Merry New Year.

- Aargh
mission rock:


un: interested, inspired, able...
hella people...
as usual, we forgot roop:

mission rock:

simran have you talked to your group?
what about you dal?
sonia and her group would be down for mission (that would be +8)
so mission rock it is....

i highly recommend ordering pre-sale tix online to avoid a hassle at the door and to save money because i'm sure the price will be more the day of at the door.

the link to order is below:

so mission rock it is....

i highly recommend ordering pre-sale tix online to avoid a hassle at the door and to save money because i'm sure the price will be more the day of at the door.

the link to order is below:

it's me +3 friends...and maybe a couple of co-workers...i'm passing the info. along to them to buy tix if they're down.

=) sim
Are less people going now due to the change of plans? Or are the 70 people that confirmed with you still going? Just curious what our group will be looking like.

I also agreed on mission rock, just to give you all my confirmation.

the 70 people we "had" for 181 has splintered into several groups, many with different agenda's or a change of plans...

as far as i can tell:

davina and i have a small group
simran has a group
dal has a group
nirpal/neetu/sonia have a group
+ pam/roop/whoever else...

that's the gist....
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