Friday, December 10, 2004

Mission Rock Wins!!!!!

In a landslide with no need for a recount Mission Rock wins.
Now the easy part...securing your tickets online.

I'd recommend ordering asap to assure you get the pre sale price.

You Can Order Here

Once you've ordered your tix let us know via the comments section so we can coordinate the mass exodus to Mission Rock and ensure we catch the early open bar.

You can leave comments by:

going to the bottom of this post
clicking on comment,
allowing the page to refresh,
scrolling down,
clicking post comment,
clicking "Or Post Anonymously"
and posting your comment.

As always, the sooner the better. So get on it. Anyone and everyone is welcome to report to our apt, drink, get ready, drink, and vavooom to Mission Rock with us.

For all the newcomers that missed the exiting information and dialogue you can scroll down to the previous post to get caught up.

So far I can confirm that Davina, Flash, and I will be leaving Oakland together. I'm 75% sure Joog will be accomopanying us. Davina get's off work at 6:30pm. I will be home all day, so anyone that wants to come through...sarda casa es su casa.

Simran (and co) and Dal (and co) are you going to meet us in the Eastbay or SF?
Neetu/Paul/Sonia and Co what's it looking like?
Pam/Gina/Roop/Mano still coming? Need to use our crib to get ready?

I'm going to look into the Muni schedule before deciding if we're still Barting it...
nirpal and co. reporting they're in the process of ordering tix...
I'll meet up with you guys in Oakland Rawj. I'll be leaving Sac around 5-6pm and make it over to your crib around 7ish? Does that work? I'll talk to you about it more this weekend and Dal's graduation party.
that's gravy.

are pam/gina/roop still coming?

inquiring minds don't really care...but we'd like to know...

updates people, updates...
Doesn't look like I'll be able to make it...after xmas I'll be way too tired to drive up north again...sorry have fun..

want to save money and time?
don't see Oceans 12...ouch...

the sequel sceptic
My friends are getting flaky...not buying their tickets...I know they're gonna end up going last minute and end up paying more...whatever. I think I'll probably come over to your place early and get ready there.

=) Sim
A Taoist story tells of an old man who accidentally fell into the river rapids leading to a high and dangerous waterfall. Onlookers feared for his life. Miraculously, he came out alive and unharmed downstream at the bottom of the falls. People asked him how he managed to survive. "I accommodated myself to the water, not the water to me. Without thinking, I allowed myself to be shaped by it. Plunging into the swirl, I came out with the swirl. This is how I survived."
Pam & Gina will be attending. Tickets are in the process of being purchased.
simran - krish said he's a no-go.

pam/gina you're welcome to our place, unless you're going straight there, or to nirpals...

let us know...
we confirmed our 15 tickets today. we are set to go.

nirpal and neetu
after further review i think driving is our best bet.
8pm arrival is the desired goal.
i will be home all day, so anyone is free to come through. so far i believe simran, joog, flash, myself, and davina will be leaving via oakland.

now depending on schedules if we can get a critical mass of folks who can meet early, an early dinner/bar carousing in our neighborhood isn't out of the question as a warm-up, and in fact is quite do-able...

so let us know...
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