Friday, November 19, 2004

Electronic voting machines in Florida may have awarded George W. Bush up to 260,000 more votes than he should have received, according to statistical analysis conducted by University of California, Berkeley graduate students and a professor, who released a study on Thursday. view article

Young Buck Throws His Hands Up

What Kilmer's success tells me is that the bright lights of the liberal commentariat are going at the problem wrong. They are setting up false dichotomies: left vs. center, issues vs. values, substance vs. vision, realism vs. idealism. In the you-can't-run-and-hide world of retail politics in non-urban America – in Derek Kilmer's world – these distinctions don't apply. It is not that they can be integrated into a compelling, distinctly progressive, message. It is that they have to be.em> read this article
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