Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Couldn't sleep much last night. I got out of bed at 5am with a tightness in my chest. A deep sorrow and pain has overcome me today and it's not because Kerry lost but because "we" did. Americans of every ilk are in for more pain, death, and drama.

I don't feel Bush is the cause of all our problems or that Kerry was going to solve them, but I hoped that Kerry would be more responsive to regular folks like myself. What we should all realize (if it isn't painfully clear yet) is that our system of government is deeply flawed and spiraling out of control. It has been for some time and the last two elections are just symptoms of greater issues. The system was intended to be a representative government, but it never specified which representatives. The system and it's participants can see Enron as they see Us, or they can see one greater than the other. The people, while showing promising signs of mobilization, have yet to confront power and invoke change. There are so many obstacles yet I've always had faith in America (although it never shows), however this morning my faith wavered.

My belief that America would slowly reach it's potential withered when I think of more innocent Iraqi's and brave US troops having their death certificate signed. The fucked up thing is Kerry never indicated it would be otherwise with him. We've also just confirmed to the rest of the world (terrorists included) that 53 million people actually support policy that perpetuates tyranny. We collectively have approved more tax-cuts for people who don't need them, that infringements on our liberties (Patriot Act) are necessary, and that not everyone's vote counts. My hope that people would see past Swift Boats, scare tactics, and codes for religious/culture wars, and instead focus on bad policy, lies, and direct relationships with corrupt entities fizzled with the election results.

Last night we all observed how divided this country is. While us Blue States were wondering what the fuck the Red States were thinking, I bet they were doing the same. Trivializing beliefs, whether they're based on policy or otherwise, is never going to shrink this very real gap in America. Especially when we here in Blue Country have the same interests as the people in Red. I think the dividing tactics used by Rove and Co. should be admired, studied, and feared. They have worked to perfection. I think everyone needs to understand and confront these differences instead of saying "I'm never going through the Midwest" or "Those Californian's support Gay Marriage by supporting Kerry, how could they?"

And really never mind the Red States because here in "Liberal" California we just shot down reform for the 3 Strikes Law, the ability to sue big business if they falsely advertise and pollute, and healthcare for employee's of mid-large business's that are not covered by med insurance. So if "real" change can't be established here, what hope is there in places where "Red" prevailed with little opposition?

Red or blue makes no difference right now... what matters is the present. We all need to accept the changes that are going to take place and fight harder to resist them in some senses. More than just accepting that the reds love bush and the blues - kerry we need to understand why. Why are in this position of oppostition. Why are we in one country yet opposing each other so strongly???

I too am sad at the outcome. Sad for the innocent civilians who are less fortunate and who will suffer the most.

All we can do is try to be positive and not give up in making change happen.

keep your head up...

this writer sums up the saddness as well:
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