Thursday, May 27, 2004

Free Feenom Show Friday May 28th
@ Kimo's on the corner of Polk and Pine, SF

Sunday School Presents... Electric Halo is the first official release for Paraphan. Electric Halo is a compilation of independent minded hip hop artists, all of whom performed at Sunday School, a periodical hip hop event also put on by Paraphan.

Electric Halo features new tracks by Bay Area notables Feenom Circle and II Sense of Kaotic Souls. This release is also the first introduction to the public for many of the artists on the compilation. The styles represented on Electric Halo run the gamut from the dark introspective Redemption by Ventriloquist to the underground heat that is Natural Selection's Haterz to the experimental trip hop of Steve Dood. Overall this is an eclectic showcase of the Bay Area's underground hip hop scene.

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