Thursday, October 28, 2004

Calling All Cars...

For anyone interested in calling potential Kerry Supporters in other states,
please join MoveOn Org's Leave No Voter Behind initiative.
All you need is a phone, internet connection, and some time.

Straight DIY

Looking for a good read? Interested in seeing the first book on the topic of Hip Hop and Islam? Support the Bay Area's very own Adisa Banjoko's Lyrical Swords.

While you're at it go cop this compilation of good and rare music...support Odub's Deep Covers


Shuggie Otis' - "Inspiration Information" [right click + save]
(via Said The Gramophone)

Kings of Convenience - "Homesick"
[right click + save] via Music for Robots

Four Rare/White Label/Unofficially Released Ghostface Songs over at Cocaine Blunts

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