Monday, August 30, 2004

There has been a significant uproar about the Mens USA Basketball team and it's on going struggles vs. international competition, as well as it's Bronze Medal finish.

Most of the arguments advanced haven't been adequate or really addressed why it is we're really getting beat. Some of the sports writers have become clairvoyant and explained that the US lacked effort or have attached millionaires or hip hop to their analysis to recklessly "code word" our downfall (black folks).

Then there's the argument more centered around society, which probably holds some truth, although it would be hard to quantify.

Lastly, we have the purest's perspective which deals with...surprise...basketball, and the US's deterioration of fundamentals and team play. Now if you were taught to play the game the "right" way and have played basketball at the gym lately you'll see that these problems are pervalent across the board, not just the NBA. This article breaks down why I think And1 mixtapes are bad for the game, why the US lost to less athletic teams, and why a team of 5 decent players with fundamentals, team defense, and ball movement can defeat a team of say, two dominant and gifted athletes, and a total roster of four future hall-of-famers.
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