Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Excerpts from Rome’s email’s regarding the Grammy’s

Yo the music industry is in big trouble.
Their intent was to make it the best one ever and they failed miserably.
Everyone knows if you do your thing at the Grammy's your record sales should increase by at least 5%. So these pimps took all their hoes out the stable and put 'em to work.

Prince w/ Beyonce,
Earth, Wind & Fire w/ Big Boi,
George Clinton w/ some guy I've never heard of,
Black Eyed Peas w/ Justin Timberlake,
Beyonce again,

The Industry is basically saying... GET OUT THERE AND MAKE ALL OF US SOME MONEY!!!!!!!

They even went as far to break for an "important message about unapproved downloading." Then showed a young girl on a g4 laptop downloading, it was eerily similar to the “this is your brain on drugs” shit.

Coldplay plugged Kerry for president which is deep because they’re not even American.

It was cool to see Andre and Big Boi have a real moment on stage.

The industry simply can't keep up. Things are moving too fast and no one really knows what’s cool anymore so they just put a little of everything popular.

It was predominantly black-oriented music which is how you know they were ho-ing

And the country shit was not really there. One the biggest and segregated genres of music. I've heard in the past that the Country Music Grammy's is almost as big of a deal as the Grammy's. After this, the Grammy's won't be worth shit to the Country crowd. It’s going to be on some civil war shit because if anyone is going to plug Bush, it'll be there.

Quintin T.. was trying to talk with some sort of silly white interpretation of black dialect for no reason.

I mean the whole shit was strange...and why were the Roots nominated for anything?

so that's why I wanted you to watch the Grammy’s but you didn't.

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